We Thinking Versus Me Thinking
Jim Roberts, CEO

We live in an era where many people possess a strong dislike, distrust or outright hostility towards government. I don’t really share this belief. I like policemen and firefighters. I value clean, safe air and water, food which is safe to eat, buying products which are safe to use, armed forces to protect us from hostility, beautiful national parks to visit, excellent public schools for our kids, good roads to drive on, protection from monopolies poised to rip us off, and services to the poor, most vulnerable and fragile members of our society. I don’t mind being made to buy car insurance or health insurance or paying my fair share of taxes because I know it benefits everyone.

“Community-Based”: What This Means to us

Jim Roberts, CEO

It is interesting how we evolve in our thinking—I like to believe it just gets better the older we get. For nearly 30 years now I have been at the helm of a “Nonprofit” organization, a term which certainly elicits a multiplicity of responses, not all of which are positive. The fact is, I don’t like the term “nonprofit.” When I was working on my graduate degree in business administration, the vogue terminology was “Third-Sector” organizations, in which I specialized. I’m sure you all know what that means, but just in case you forgot, it is simply the economic sector consisting of non-governmental organizations and other non-profit organizations. For many years, I chose to refer to our industry as “Not-for-Profit,” a more apt description, but, honestly, I really don’t like this term either.

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